Policies and Code Requirements

Confirm your facilities compliance with Fyreboss.
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What to expect from Fyreboss

  • After reviewing your floor plans, we will work with your local AHJ to secure all frequency information.
  • Our FCC GROP certified team will assess your specific building needs with an on-site evaluation.
  • Since every structure is unique, fyreboss will proved a unique design proposal to install and service BDA equipment while complying with government mandates and codes.
  • Being a Full-Service organization, our work does not end after design and installation. Fyreboss offers inspections, testing, and maintenance services to ensure a healthy BDA System.
  • You can have peace of mind that, should an emergency happen, communication would go uninterrupted.

Safety First with Fyreboss

  • At Fyreboss, we are always making sure our team members are up to date with current OSHA Standards and Policies.  This allows us to work safely and efficiently on a job site. 
  • The Fyreboss team has over 35 years of Industry Experience.